Come and discuss and plan action with us

Feminist Fightback now has a regular meeting time — the second Wednesday of the month, from 6-9pm. We are in the process of trying to find a regular, suitable venue. Details here soon but email us to find out more:

The meetings will be in three parts: from 6-7pm will be a skillshare; from 7-8pm will be political discussion and from 8-9pm will be for organising/ action planning. Here is our timetable.

13th May: Skillshare: website; Political discussion: Reproductive Freedom

10 June: Skillshare: planning an action; Political discussion: Feminist education

8 July: Skillshare: facilitation; Political discussion: International feminism

12 August: Skillshare: writing a leaflet/article; Political discussion: Objectification of women

Read all about what we have been up to: actions, demonstrations and more in our March/April newsletter. Download it at: