Feminist Fightback Statement of Solidarity with Palestine


Feminist Fightback offers its unwavering solidarity for Palestine. We stand in solidarity with all victims, including those currently under siege and facing airstrikes and massacres in Gaza, those being attacked in the West Bank and those killed and taken hostage by Hamas. The attack against Gaza, which has so far claimed the lives of around 3000 people, is an affront to humanity and cannot be justified by the deplorable attacks committed on civilians in Israel. 

We continue to support Palestinian resistance against the systematic oppression they face. The root cause of violence must be recognised as the Israeli apartheid and occupation beginning with the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians during the Nakba of 1948. The current far-right government of Israel continues the methodical oppression of Palestinians (including through military blockade, violent expulsions, house demolitions and killings), violently oppresses Israelis who protest against the occupation, and fails to protect its own citizens. Ultimately, peace will only, and can only, be achieved through liberation of the Palestinian people from Israel’s occupation and apartheid. 

As a feminist collective based in the UK, we deplore the dehumanising language used by British politicians and media, and firmly stand against the anti-Palestinian rhetoric which has become all too commonplace. At a time where the international community should be united in calling for an end to the siege, the protection of civilians and the release of all hostages; instead, we see encouragement of illegal and inhumane tactics of war targeting civilians, the provision of military aid to a regime hellbent on perpetrating the most heinous crimes, and the criminalisation of actions in support of the Palestinian cause (including the BDS movement). Western governments – including the United Kingdom – are complicit in the crimes being committed.  

We choose to highlight the voices of Palestinian and Jewish people and organisations who continuously fight for the freedom of Palestine:

‘As Israel escalates its military campaign, Palestinian trade unions call on our counterparts internationally and all people of conscience to end all forms of complicity with Israel’s crimes – most urgently halting the arms trade with Israel, as well as funding and military research. The time for action is now – Palestinian lives hang in the balance.’

Workers in Palestine

‘My aunt died, today

No, I mean she was killed

But she was not alone

With her entire family

With Mohammed, Samah and little Khadija

With Ismael, Fatima, 

Wisam and Shaima

With another 19, buried under the rubble of her house

My aunt was killed, today’

Enas Fares Ghannam

‘Idk how long i will live so i just want this to be my memory here before I die. I am not going to leave my home, come what may. My biggest regret is not kissing this one guy. He died two days back. We told him how much we like each other and I was too shy to kiss last time. He died in the bombing. I think a big part of me died too. And soon I will be dead. To younus, I will kiss you in heaven.’

Queering the Map

‘Everything is telling us that the invasion is going to be ruthless. The pretext of wanting to wipe out the “top political and military leadership of Hamas” is just that – a pretext. The invasion will provide the Israeli government with an opportunity to take the northern part of Gaza and push Palestinians into a smaller prison or, for many thousands, beyond the borders of Gaza. Whichever way you look at it, the situation can only be described as ethnic cleansing and continuation of the Nakba that began in 1948.’

Dr Yara Hawari (Al-Jazeera)

‘Inevitably, oppressed people everywhere will seek – and gain – their freedom. We all deserve liberation, safety, and equality. The only way to get there is by uprooting the sources of the violence, beginning with our own government’s complicity.’

Jewish Voice for Peace

‘The Jewish Socialists’ Group stands for a future of peace and coexistence for all the people in Israel and Palestine… But this can only be achieved if there is an end of occupation, colonisation and apartheid practices that reflect racist and fascist values of supremacy.’

Jewish Socialist Group

In our solidarity against occupation, we recognise that the freedom of Palestinians is intrinsic to our collective freedom against all forms of oppression. As feminists we support all liberation movements to combat injustice, oppression and overcome colonial and patriarchal systems. Feminist Fightback remains committed to a future where all people can live with freedom, self-determination, liberation and dignity.

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Campaigns and movements:

  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign / @palestinesolidarityuk / @PSCupdates – a community of people working together for peace, equality, and justice and against racism, occupation, and colonisation
  • Naamod UK / @NaamodUK / @NaamodUK – a movement of Jews in the UK seeking to end our community’s support for Israel’s occupation and apartheid, and to mobilise it in the struggle for freedom, equality and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis
  • Palestine Action / @pal_action – direct action against Israel’s arms trade in Britain
  • Palestinian Feminist Collective / @PalFeminist – a body of Palestinian and Arab feminists committed to Palestinian social and political liberation by confronting systemic gendered, sexual, and colonial violence, oppression, and dispossession
  • @talatactivism – a Palestinian women’s rights movement, rising above sexism, inequality
  • alQaws / @alQaws – for sexual & gender diversity in Palestinian society
  • @aswatfreedoms – feminist queer movement for sexual and gender freedoms in Palestine

Blog post photo sourced from Palestinian Feminist Collective.