Week of Action against Welfare Reform

7-14 March – Week of action around the Welfare Reform Bill, called jointly by Feminist Fightback,
LCAP and the Disabled People’s Direct Action Network. For more information see www.lcap.org.uk

Monday 9th March, LCAP and Feminist Fightback action – meeting 10am in Trafalgar Square – come dressed as bankers/fat cats and call 07840 381 195 for more details or to help with preparations.

Wednesday 11th march, DDAN action – call 07840 381 195 for more details

Thursday 12th March, 1pm – leafletting for picket outside jobcentre, Mare Street, Hackney. Friday 13th March, leafletting as above @ 11am and 1pm, Mare St, Hackney.

Monday 16th March meet at 11am for picket of job centre, Mare St Hackney. Further plans and changes to planned events