Parents occupy Lewisham School!

Parents are occupying the roof of this primary school threatened with closure, in order for the building to be demolished and replaced with a privately run mega-school accomodating 3-16 year olds. The decision to close Lewisham Bridge was made some time ago without consultation with parents who today expressed their anger at that the decision to give up on Lewisham Bridge was made at a meeting they were unaware of, yet their lack of attendance has been used as justification for the decision – under the assertion that they don’t care. Parents and teachers took a stand today to show that they do care and are not willing to see their children’s education jeopardised in the interests of profit.

Parents on the roof are not only concerned that their children will have to travel a long way but are worried about the suitability of the building, which lacks basic facilities like a proper playground, that their children will be learning in for 18 months (at least). If this weren’t enough, the cost of housing children in the temporary building is estimated to be £900 a day

The protestors are determined and are not getting down the until the children are brought back to their school. There has been regular meetings for the campaign.

Text of leaflet with full background here.

March on Saturday 9 May to say “Hands off Lewisham Bridge School”

Assemble in Cornmill Gardens, Elmira Street (opposite the school) at 12 midday
March to a rally at the Clock Tower, Lewisham High Street, from 12.30
Bring banners and balloons, families and friends.
To find out more: 0208 314 7847

Email messages of support to Eleanor
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