Solidarity with New Zealand Muslim community

Feminist Fightback stands in solidarity with the New Zealand Muslim community and with all those who live with and in fear of islamophobic and xenophobic violence. For a self-proclaimed fascist to target Muslim places of worship, community and refuge and there commit unconscionable mass murder is not normal; it leaves us feeling heartbroken, afraid, angry, and overwhelmed. Though this violence should not be normalized, it is also important to recognize it as part of a pattern of white nationalist and islamophobic discourse that has become mainstream in the years following 9/11 and as part of the more recent backlash against migrants and refugees. It is our responsibility to collectively, consciously and proactively not only resist hatred but also build the community, trust and love that will be the foundation of a better future.

Please join us for the Solidarity Vigil on Monday the 18th at 17.30 in front of the News Corp HQ, near London Bridge.

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