Solidarity with Migrants!

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It is alarming that incidents of racism in the wake of the EU referendum result have increased dramatically, according to the latest figures.

Complaints filed to police online hate-crime reporting site True Vision have increased fivefold since last Thursday, the National Police Chiefs Council said, with 331 hate crime incidents reported to the site compared with a weekly average of 63. Callous and opportunistic manipulation of racism and nationalism by millionaires (such as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage) is set in the context of an increasing number of racist attacks and incidents across the country over the past week, including dozens of Islamophobic leaflets put through doors in Birmingham and reports that far-right leaflets were distributed in parts of West Yorkshire. Much of the focus has been directed towards migrants.

Lets be really clear, Feminist Fightback welcomes migrants from all over the world and stand in solidarity with their struggles.

We continue to oppose the increasingly restrictive, draconian and brutal of asylum and immigration policies in Europe and instead know that we must build alliances among workers, migrant workers and refugees. Moreover, our immigration system, and the successive governments who uphold and extend its severity, have neither integrity nor humanity. Immigration restrictions are not in the interests of any ANYONE.

They divide us into citizens/ non-citizens, legal/illegal, wanted/unwanted, relatively safe/ precarious. As feminists, we must fight against these dividing lines, against racism and against borders, for the independence and safety of all.