Tube cleaners challenge the Mayor

RMT Cleaners Dispute
#WorkersRights #RMTCleanersDIspute #MigrantRights

On Wednesday, Feminist Fightback were amongst the tube cleaners and supporters (including Campaign Against Immigration Controls and John McDonnell MP and Jeremy Corbyn MP) demonstrating outside City Hall to demand that Boris keeps his promise of a living wage for all tube cleaners.

Boris has been in the press this week with the publishing of the study he commissioned into an amnesty. Yet his real approach to migrant labour can be found in how he has dealt with the tube cleaners’ campaign: promise a living wage, fail to deliver and preside over cleaning contractors who targeted union reps with immigration checks to break the RMT’s organisation. His idea of an amnesty would deny even those who met its hurdles access to the public services their taxes pay for, and would further delegitimise the thousands who wouldn’t meet its strict criteria.