Standing together with Pittsburgh

Feminist Fightback stands in solidarity with Jews around the world who have watched with mounting anxiety as global anti-Semitism has re-proliferated in recent years. Saturday’s devastating attack in Pittsburgh, PA, USA is a symptom of the widespread rise of fascism – which today, as in the past, is deeply linked with anti-Semitism – and should not be mistaken as an isolated incident. The attacker, angered by a Jewish expression of solidarity for refugees and migrants, was emboldened by toxic masculinity and enabled by the outsize influence of the American gun lobby. This attack was just the latest in a wave of mass shootings and other violent attacks via which people of color, migrants, and religious and other minorities have been scapegoated and targeted. We must stand together against bigotry and fascism, united by our mutual solidarity and hope for a more just future, as we repeat: never again.