Preparing for Action!

Feminist Fightback Banner Making @ The Common House for PRO-CHOICE DIRECT ACTION.

Hundreds of people have indicated on FB that they will be defending abortion rights on Sat but there is still time to make sure that this translates to a strong turnout on the day. It is critical the anti-abortion groups get the message that they don’t have a god-given right to stand outside a clinic, peddle lies and intimidate and harass people. As well as making sure people can access the clinic safely, we want to do a lively action that makes a stand against the religious right-wing and their anti-women views that are dressed up as concern and counselling.

What you can do?

Publicise widely and share the event on social media.

Invite at least one friend to come along with you. If you are worried/nervious/shy about arriving on your own and/or have logistically challenges please email us so we can sort something out and support you.

Be creative and design / make your own banner to bring on Sat.

Devise some cool and catchy chants.

Bring musical instruments, pots & pans (basically we are going for REALLY REALLY REALLY loud).

What will you be doing to support our right to choose?

Click here for more information about the action in STRATFORD, LONDON May 9 @ 9:30 am12:00 pm

Click here for the FB event