Care work, domestic labour and social reproduction

The Commoner Edition 15 – on-line now

Massimo De Angelis — Preface: Care Work and the Commons
Camille Barbagallo and Silvia Federici — Introduction


Mariarosa Dalla Costa (1972) –Women and the Subversion of the Community
Mariarosa Dalla Costa (1974) –On The General Strike
Silvia Federici (1974) — Wages Against Housework
Silvia Federici (1975) — On Sexuality as Work
Mariarosa Dalla Costa (1977) — Reproduction and Emigration


Camille Barbagallo and Nicholas Beuret — Starting From the Social Wage
Silvia Federici — The Unfinished Feminist Revolution
Mariarosa Dalla Costa — Women’s Autonomy & Renumeration of Care Work
Silvia Federici — On Elder Care
Laura Agustín — Sex as Work & Sex Work
Viviane Gonik — Is Housework Soluble in Love?
Pascale Molinier — Of Feminists and Their Cleaning Ladies
Todos Somos Japon — Nuclear Housework
Ariel Salleh — Fukushima: A Call for Female Leadership
Kolya Abramsky — Energy and Social Reproduction


– Domestic Workers United
– Interview with Priscilla Gonzalez
– A Male Domestic Worker
– The Regeneration Manifesto
– The Triumph of the Domestic Workers
– Servicio Domestíco Activo
– Interview with Liliana Caballero Velasquez
– Interview with Victoria Mamani
– Socialist Feminist Collective
– Interview with Ana Rosario Adrián Vargas