WORKSHOP:Demystifying the “economics of the crisis”

This workshop to discuss economic explanations and analysis of the economic crisis and why these cuts are taking place.

Many people feel alienated by the way the economy is discussed and feel ‘unqualified’ to participate in debates. We understand that the ‘economy’, ‘economic jargon’ and the ‘economic academia / debate’ are not neutral. That the fact a capitalist economy is not run in the interests of the working class relates to the over complicated jargon that is used in discussions and the elitism and mystery of ‘economics’ because the latter is not meant to be understood by the majority of people. The study of mainstream ‘economics’ as a science often over-complicates ‘the economy’ as something distinct and separate to people – machinery governed by objective rules. We often talk about ‘the’ economy not ‘our’ economy.

This workshop will also attempt to demystify economic jargon and provide an inclusive space – not one that divides in to the ‘experts’ teaching the ‘non experts’. We want bring the discussion of economic theory with the present and our personal experience. Therefore, we would like the workshop to also go right back to the basics and ask the question what is an economy?