model motion

Please support Fightback by submtting this model motion to your students’ union or union branch.

This branch notes

1. That the second Feminist Fightback activist conference will take place at University of East London on Saturday 20 October, with discussions, film showings and exhibitions including including feminism, lads mags and pornography; ecofeminism; feminists against borders; Islamic feminism; race, sex and class; women in the Russian revolution; honour killing; and the gender pay gap, low pay and the class struggle.

2. That last year’s Fightback was a great success, attracting more than 220 people as well as support from a range of labour movement, feminist and campaigning organisations.

3. That Feminist Fightback result in a number of activist initiatives, including a 300-strong march for abortion rights in March this year.

This branch believes

1. That we should support events like Feminist Fightback as much as possible.

This branch therefore resolves

1. To officially sponsor Feminist Fightback 2007.
2. To donate £___ to its organising costs.
3. To circulate information on the event and attempt to send a delegation.
4. To advertise it on our website and mailing lists

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