Where to Get Erectile Dysfunction Treatments in UK?

An extra charge on medications of pharmaceutical chains in the UK may reach 50 to 130 percent. However, the ability to buy ED drugs directly from manufacturers will significantly reduce costs. That’s why if you compare prices in local pharmacies and online stores, you can see that the price gap can be huge, and you can save almost half of your expenses.

Alphega Pharmacy (User Rating: 3.8)


68 Broadway Market, Hackney, London E8 4QJ, United Kingdom

+44 20 7254 1730

I will never use Alphega Pharmacy again. I only used this one because it was suggested by my doctor. I turned in an Rx on Thursday the 16th at 10 am, was told in person while turning in that it may be done by 5 that day, never heard from them, any call, no nothing. Called me Friday at 1 pm, to be told again, “maybe by five, we’ll call you when done”. So I again waited patiently, figured maybe they slammed busy. I never heard from them that day or Saturday either! Check their website Sunday just to find that they are closed! Called on Monday the 19th, told STILL NOT READY! Tried to pacify me by saying, “the Rx was turned on Thursday, and it usually takes 48 hrs, and they don’t ‘make’ anything on Saturdays, it’ll be done by 5 today we’ll call you” grrr! Did I get a call? NO! Did I get my Rx? NO! It is we’ll pass 48hrs! I Just got off the phone now, because I HAD to call again Tuesday the 20th, in which someone nastily replied, “it is ready to come to get it” I had to ask why wasn’t I notified? She tried to tell me the phone# is wrong. When asked to state the number I left, it was correct. No one bothered to call! I will never never never use again! They are NOT the only compounding pharmacy in town. Menaul Compounding is closer to me anyways!

Some staff members are nice, while others act as if they’re doing you a major favor. There are times it takes a very long time before the pharmacy staff serves you, whether you’re in the drive-thru or waiting to be served inside. I’ve actually have had to have the pharmacy staff be paged while they’re somewhere back there when it’s not so busy. That can be highly stressful when one is dropping off or picking up prescriptions from the hospital. I do understand that a pharmacy job can be stressful, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I do appreciate the hard work they do back there behind the window.

Welbeck Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.1)


35 Devonshire St, Marylebone, London W1G 6PZ, United Kingdom

+44 20 7935 4050

Welbeck Pharmacy is a terrible Pharmacy. Terrible customer service from the pharmacist. And poor management skills. I have missed many days of medications because they “don’t have it in stock” or some other excuse, even though they have had my prescription on file for a year. Only the techs seem to know what is going on. I have even gone to get refills, and the Pharmacist (Dr. Bandu) asks me, “why do you need this medicine?”. Well, surprise, I was prescribed it by my doctor, and I get it every month. They are incredibly unreliable.

Very friendly people, they will bring your medication to you if you can’t make it. Also very moderate prices. Please go by and see there smiling faces.

Click Health Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.3)


85 Great Portland St, Marylebone, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom

+44 20 8133 2533

Click Health Pharmacy – they tell me prescriptions will be ready the next day, at a certain time, but when I get there, I am told there was a problem filling my Rx, or they are out of stock, and I need to go to another pharmacy in Waco to pick up my Rx. Not a courtesy call to let me know of the issue. They told me they had added a message in their system stating they need to inform me if there are any problems filling my prescriptions, but even with that message, still no call, and the same happens again and again where no Rx is ready. My children need their meds, and I try my best to always order their med refills 3 days before running out, but with this kind of service from the pharmacy, I’m always worried, I could run out.

I’ve been so relieved to discover this pharmacy after being frustrated over and over with the large grocery and drug chain pharmacies. David and all the others have been so friendly and helpful. My first choice from now on.

ViaQX Pharmacy (User Rating: 4.5)


 36 S Audley St, Mayfair, London W1K 2PL, United Kingdom

+44 20 7493 6133

Generally, ViaQx pharmacy does ok, but today I dropped off my prescription and said I would wait for it. I waited for 40 minutes, and my name was never called. It wasn’t until I checked in to see how much longer it would take that they said they didn’t have that medicine in their pharmacy. They weren’t even planning on telling me. Well, thank you for wasting my time.

We have done business since they opened this location. Always friendly. Medications are usually correct when I walk in, and if not, they get right on it and complete it ASAP.