Feminist Fightback Conference 2006 Agenda

Registration starts 11.30pm
All day: stalls, Grunwick strike exhibition, creche


Opening plenary: international solidarity for women’s liberation
Speakers: Azar Sheibani, Iranian women’s rights activist; Lois Davies,
Women of Zimbabwe Arise – UK Solidarity; Alejandra Crosta, Argentina
Solidarity Campaign; Laura Schwartz, ENS Women

12.45-1.45pm Session 1

a) Sex workers organising for their rights
Giulia Garofalo, International Union of Sexworkers

b) Trans liberation
Joanna Stuart; Beaumont Society

c) Asian women’s struggles
Amrit Wilson, South Asia Solidarity Group; Faz Velmi, TGWU activist

1.45-2.25pm Lunch
Showing of ‘Stand Together’, film about Grunwick struggle, 1976-8

2.25-3.25pm Session 2

a) Building campaigning women’s groups.
Rachael Ferguson and Jo Dawson, Sussex Uni women’s group; Kat Stark, NUS Women’s Officer

b) Challenging sexism on the left: building a socialist feminist labour movement
Scottish Socialist Party women; Jean Lane, author of “Women in a ‘man’s job’: experiences of a woman building worker and trade unionist”

c) Feminism without borders: trafficking, asylum and immigration rights
No Borders network; refugee speaker; Carys Ofoko, Close Campsfield campaign

3.35-4.35pm Session 3

a) Low pay, equal pay and women workers’ struggle
Amrit Wilson; Marsha Jane-Thompson, Unison London young members’ convenor; Maria Exall, CWU; Lorna Campbell, PCS Equalities Officer

b) Feminism and sexual expression
Abby Lee, author of “Girl with a one track mind” blog; Feminists Against
Censorship; Backlash; Sofie Buckland, NUS executive

c) Queer liberation
Emma Persky, NUS LGBT committee, 2005-6

4.35-4.50pm Break

4.50-5.50pm Session 4

a) Abortion rights campaigning (women only session)
Kate Ahrens, Keep Our NHS Public and Unison

b) Men’s role in the fight against sexism

c) Film: Bread & Roses, the women’s movement in Argentina


Plenary – What way forward for the women’s liberation movement?
Cathy Nugent, editor, Solidarity; Carolyn Leckie, SSP Member of the Scottish Parliament

Collection for Gate Gourmet workers; closing remarks from Sofie Buckland

Close 7.10pm followed by fundraising social with bands at the Ivy House, 8-10, Southampton Row, London